Wilderness Survival : How to Survive in the Woods

Wilderness Survival : How to Survive in the Woods

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    Presently, everything surrounding us—all goods manufactured by humans, whether it’s the concrete we drive on, the vehicles we’re driving, many foods that we’re eating and the utensils that we eat them with, the computer I’m writing this on, even the paper that you read and the ink that was used in printing it with—everything comes from the Earth. In our case we have adapted parts of the Earth to produce other things, precious man-made things. Special few of the machinery of daily things surrounding us (Ford pickups, space shuttles, bread wrappers, clothing, and so on) hold rudiments from the Earth that are not customized. Everything that are well-known to us has come from the Earth but has been tailored and tampered with by so many processes that it’s not possible for us to see any resemblance with the mother Earth herself. Simply request most people to assemble materials from the Earth and produce or create the simplest of provisions, then watch as they fidget.
    The early man, by difference, took everything that he used in his everyday living directly from the substances and materials that nature offered. Not only will this book show you how early men skillfully accomplished this and survived, but here you’ll learn, basic skills and some knowledge that helped them.

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