Safe Ways to Escape a Riot in Civil Unrest

Safe Ways to Escape a Riot in Civil Unrest

In such a tense political environment, riots are becoming more and more common. In such an event, many innocent people get caught up in the fray, because these events usually take place in highly populated areas.

There are plenty of precautions that you can take in order to save yourself and your family. The first step should occur well before any riots actually take place. You should know your city inside and out.

If you know what streets are the most populated, you’ll know to avoid them. If you know all of the little back alley streets, you’ll be able to escape unharmed and wait out the riot. You should also be prepared for a riot to break out.

Wear some cheap looking clothes from your local thrift shop, and you’ll be able to blend in with the crowd. Make sure you get the whole nine yards – not just shirt and pants, but shoes and socks as well.

If you’re wearing clothing that identifies you as whatever the crowd is against, like a political t-shirt, then you put a target on yourself. When you finally move out of the riot area, you’ll have two means of transportation: on foot, or in a car.

If you go in a car, you’ll want to try to avoid populated areas by all means. Even if it means taking a route 15-20 minutes longer, it always beats having to confront an angry mob.

If you’re travelling on foot, you’ll have to be prepared for some more stressful events. But if you can easily escape on foot, don’t worry about leaving your car behind. It’s better to have your life intact than to rescue a material possession.

You’ll want to wear your non-assuming clothing from the thrift store. This will make you a much lower priority target for being robbed. You should remain calm at all times. You can avoid most altercations by keeping your head down and walking with purpose.

Don’t run, because you’ll attract attention to yourself. It’s much like sneaking through some zombie horde. If you look like you’re supposed to be there, nobody will second guess you. If you seem out of place, you’re likely to get attacked.

You should avoid getting involved with anything related to the riot if you can. Don’t partake in any car flippings, fights, yelling, or anything. Just keep going, calmly and coolly.

Blend in, but not too much. In order to escape, you shouldn’t go in the opposite direction of everyone, but rather the same way. Slowly you’ll make your way to the outside perimeter, and you’ll be able to walk away with ease.

Don’t run out really quickly, because that will only draw attention to you from the crowd. Once you escape, you should take shelter somewhere safe until the riots have dispersed.

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