Cobray Signaling Survival device for use when camping, hiking or lost at sea!

Cobray Signaling Survival device for use when camping, hiking or lost at sea!

Product Features

  • Multi-purpose suvival tool.
  • Dual functioning signaling device.
  • 18" inch hunting barrel & shoulder stock sold separately.
(as of 11/22/2017 04:02 UTC - Details)

Product Description

New! COBRAY SINGLE SHOT 12 GAUGE MARINE SIGNALING PISTOL FIRES .45 COLT AMMO OR .410 SHOTGUN SHELL AMMO WITH CONVERSION KIT STEEL BARREL. *(YOU DON’T NEED A FFL LICENSE TO BUY OR SELL THIS PISTOL!!!) Signaling pistol does not have or need any serial numbers. This is a great “LIBERTY” pistol or SURVIVAL tool and has proved itself to be a reliable functioning design! This Cobray pistol’s production was started in the early 1970’s to be far superior to the current Orion flare pistols. This Cobray pistol was a unique design compared to all other flare pistols on the market at that time and to very this day. Made to be small, lightweight, reliable yet very sturdy. As most gun buyers have come to realize that reliable .45 Colt Derringers are very expensive. The BondArms gun company and the AmericanDerringer gun companies sell their well built .45 Colt Derringer pistols for over $400.00 dollars! This Cobray pistol is a much better deal for the money. The flare pistol barrel and side handle grip panels are constructed of high strength DuPont Zytel reinforced with fiberglass strands. The .45 Colt conversion barrel is high strength steel with front and rear sights. The frame is heavy steel construction and coated to help prevent corrosion in salt water conditions. These Cobray steel frame pistols are more compact than the Orion plastic frame pistols. New & never fired with original Cobray box. Kit Includes: 1 COBRAY 12 GAUGE SIGNALING PISTOL, 1 STEEL CONVERSION .45 COLT/.410 BARREL, 1 CENTERFIRE CONVERSION HAMMER/FIRING PIN, 1 FACTORY ORIGINAL COBRAY PISTOL BOX. NO FFL, LICENSE OR PERMIT NOT REQUIRED TO BUY, OWN, SALE, TRADE OR TO CARRY THIS PISTOL. **(Shoulder stock with rubber recoil butt pad $37.95 and 18″ inch length .410 caliber shotgun barrel $150.95 sold separately,contact me for ordering details on these optional parts.) *Ammo NOT included. *Product Policy: No refunds, only exchange if products are defective.

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